"Since we cannot send missionaries everywhere, let us send good books, which can do as much as the missionaries themselves."

Our Foreign Missions



The Missionary Sisters of the Holy Ghost owe a special thank you to the students in their parish school, who have been helping them to cover the cost of postage for boxes of religious articles, Rosaries, scapulars, medals, holy cards, books, and even their publication, “Behold Thy Mother”, being sent to our soldiers overseas.


They are also sending Catholic literature, catechisms, Bibles etc. to 16 prisons at this time.







Receiving Countries

Mexico         Japan           Ireland

Switzerland        Australia           India

Afghanistan South Africa Iraq

Germany          Canada           Poland

England          France       New Zealand

Slovakia         Sweden          Italy


In these countries, there are many souls who do not have the necessary means, financial and spiritual, to strengthen their own Faith, nor to share it with others.